This site contains most of the decrees of the Sacred Congregation of Rites from the 1st decree in 1588, continuing until 1926, including almost 5006 decrees.

There is at least one gap, though. We are missing 66 decrees, from 4405 through 4471. Also, there is confusion about those around 4906. It seems there might have been some typos in the numbering.

To find a decree by the decree number, create a URL as follows: "" PLUS the letter "d" PLUS [the decree number] For example, to find SRC 387, create this URL and paste it into the address bar:

Volume 1, including the years 1588 to 1705, starts with SRC 1 and goes to SRC 2162

Volume 2, including the years 1706 to 1870, starts with SRC 2163 and goes to SRC 3232

Volume 3, including the years 1871 to 1899, starts with SRC 3233 and goes to SRC 4051

Appendix 1, including the years 1900 to 1911, starts with SRC 4052 and goes to SRC 4284

Appendix 2, including the years 1912 to 1926, starts with SRC 4285 and goes to SRC 4404

Appendix 3, including the years 1826 to 1848, starts with SRC 4472 and goes to SRC 5006